Sport Lingo and Slang

Sport Lingo and Slang Now if you want to get along in the UK, you better get into sport- and fast, especially football.

It will help you bond with other men and make your social life a lot more fun!

Football Fan Lingo

Do you want to watch some footie? / the match? - Fancy going to watch football?
They really took a hammering. / took a thrashing. - They lost the game badly.
They're playing at home / away - The team is playing the match at their own ground. / at the opposing team's ground.
He lives and breathes the game! / Football's his life! / Football's in his blood! - He's a total football fanatic.

The Football game

He covers every blade of grass. - He's an energetic player.
He goes in where the boots are flying! - He's a player who is always at the centre of the action!
It's handbags at six paces! - There's a mild disagreement on the pitch [a reference to how women might flick their handbags at each other but not get into a serious argument).
He keeps it tight at the back. - The player makes sure the defence is well organised.
The keeper keeps a tight sheet. - The goalkeeper (goalie) doesn't let many goals in.
He's lethal in the air! - He'a good at using his head to hit the ball.
A netbuster - A powerful shot which is in danger of breaking the goal's net!
He teases the full back - He makes it difficult for the defence to get the ball!
Lollipop! - Putting the ball through the goalie's legs.
Man / woman on! - A warning that a player is about to be tackled.
Keep it on the carpet! - Keep the ball on the pitch!
'Who ate all the pies?' - This might be shouted to someone who looks overweight.
The ref needs specs!/Use your eyes, ref! - The referee needs glasses!

Other Sports

The starting gun has been fired. - [Athletics] A campaign has begun.
In a bunker - [Golf] In a difficult position (On a golf course, the bunkers are full of sand.)
To score an own goal - [Football] To act against your party; to accidentally score against your own team.
To have no stomach for a fight. - [Boxing] To have no energy for a confrontation.
The talks have reached stalemate. - [Chess] A situation where neither side in negotiation can progress.
It's not a level playing field. - [Football] If the pitch is not level, one side has an unfair advantage.
That'll be a photo finish. - [Horseracing] It's a very close finish.

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