Relationships Lingo and Slang

Relationships Lingo and Slang Just because you may not be fluent in the language of the street does not mean that you cannot speak the language of love!

Life has to go on my friends...

Relationship Descriptions

a chick, a bimbo - These are informal (and unpleasant) terms for a girl or girlfriend.
a bloke, a guy, a geezer - These are informal terms for boyfriend.
He / She is good looking! - She's pretty / sexy! He is handsome / sexy!
She's a real babe! - She's gorgeous!


To go on a blind date - To go on a date with someone you haven't met before.
a chat up line - a line to get yourself talking to someone e.g. 'Do you come here often?'
To ask someone out - to invite someone on a date
WLTM - Would like to meet
GSOH - Good sense of humour
LTR - A long term relationship
NS - non smoker
easy-going - relaxed, not easily annoyed or upset.
fun-loving - young at heart, enjoys having a good time.
socialising - spending time with friends
solvent - not in debt or owing money.
broadminded - tolerant of different kinds of behaviour and opinions.
likeminded people - those who share interests and opinions.

The Affair

I'm mad/crazy/bonkers about him! - I really like him and can't stop thinking about him!
He's the love of my life. - He's the one I love.
I think the world of him. - I respect and admire him very much.
I'm head over heels in love. - I am totally in love.
He is The One - I know it! - I'm certain he's the only one for me!
We're living together. - We share a home.
We're going to take the plunge. / I'm going to make an honest man of him. - We're getting engaged [to be married].
My other half / my better half - My partner [male or female]

Finishing it Off

Things just aren't working out between us. - Things keep going wrong in the relationship.
We're bickering all the time. - We're arguing about unimportant things.
He's never got any time for me. - He's too busy [or maybe selfish] to see me.
I'm sure he's having an affair! - I'm sure he's seeing someone else [and not telling me].
We're going to couples' therapy. - We're having professional help [counselling] to try and improve our relationship.
I need some space. - I need some time to think on my own.
Let's have a trial separation. - let's stop seeing each other [for a while].

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