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Check out our guides to english slang, from music to sport, to health and relationships!

Music Lingo

Everybody loves music, right? Itís the international language. That means that you better get ... Learn music lingo ⇒

Sport Lingo

Now if you want to get along in the UK, you better get into sport- and fast, especially football. It will bond you with other men and make your social life a lot more fun! Learn sport lingo ⇒

Health Lingo

Everybody talks about their health- along with , itís their ultimate form of communication. Learn health lingo ⇒

Relationships Lingo

Just because you may not be fluent in the language of the street does not mean that you cannot speak the language of love! Learn health lingo ⇒

Work Lingo

As boring as it is, we all have to do it and it may be the reason why you are in England to begin with. So the sooner that you learn to get on in the workplace and understand what the hell everybody is talking about, the better! Learn work lingo ⇒

Money Lingo

It may be the root of all evil- but it is what makes the world go around- so donít get and learn the money lingo! Learn money lingo ⇒

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