Professor Joovy Here.

learn English I'm here to help all you to learn English. Now let me tell you that I am not some bespectacled here to make you say "I am, I shall, I will, I do, you do, he does…."

You can buy tapes and books and recite them to your heart’s content - but will that help you fit in amongst real English-speaking people? You know it won’t. You need a REAL guide that helps you learn the real LINGO. I should tell you that I am an Englishman through and through.

So if you have come here to learn the yank speak (forgive my political incorrectness) - you have come to the wrong site. I am here to teach you how to integrate in England - not order a Big Mac (not that any of the employees there speak English anyway!).

So concentrate ladies and gentleman - and I promise that you will learn more English here on this site in the true sense (on the street) - where it matters - than you will in all the books that you will ever buy - and fast.

These so-called "English Teachers" on the Net, as far as I have observed, are out-of-work students trying to make some extra cash.

What they teach you is out-dated, overly academic, boring and irrelevant. You need to learn how to get on in that new job, how to make some friends, how to date a cute chick - a term for a beautiful woman - right?

Anyway, if you are understanding all that I am saying already, you are way past those learning modules - with perhaps a bit of fine tuning - so let’s just get on with it, shall we?

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