Health Lingo and Slang

Health Lingo and Slang Everybody talks about their health - itís their ultimate form of communication.

Feeling Good

I feel great! / I'm on top of the world / I feel like a million dollars! - I couldn't feel any better!
He's glowing with health. - He looks very well.
I'm a picture of health. - There's nothing at all wrong with me.

Feeling Bad

I feel really rough.
I'm shattered.
I'm on my last legs.
You look poorly.
You look like death warmed up.
You're looking peaky.

Serious Illness

She's sprained / twisted her ankle / wrist. - She's damaged her ankle or wrist in a fall.
She's broken her arm. She'll be in plaster for weeks. - Her broken limb is in a hard plaster cast.
My back aches / I've got backache - I have a sore back.
I've got toothache. / a headache. / a stomachache. - These are phrases using -ache to describe what hurts.
I feel sick. - I'm feeling nauseous.
I think I've got food poisoning. - I've eaten something bad and I feel unwell.
I've got a really bad cold. - I've got a temperature, a sore throat and a runny nose. [A typical English winter infection!]

Seeing the Doctor

Make an appointment at the doctor's / the GP. - Go and see the general practitioner.
I've been referred to a consultant at the hospital. - My doctor has arranged for me to see an expert at a hospital to help me recover.
I need a check-up at the hospital. / I need an X-Ray. / an examination. / a scan. - These are treatments you might need at a hospital.
I need to see the specialist- someone who knows about one health issue in particular.
Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. - If you still feel ill after taking the medicine, see your doctor.
Do not take more than the stated dose. - Don't take more [pills or medicine] than you're told to.
Always read the label. - Make sure you take the advice given on the medicine container.
Keep out of the reach of children. - Do not let children play with the medicine or its container.

**You will also hear:
'She's a pain in the neck!' (this is very impolite!) - This doesn't mean she's ill - it means she's very annoying!

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