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Music Lingo

Learn music lingo! Everybody loves music, right? Itís the international language.
So you better get :

People in Music

A bassist - Someone who plays bass guitar.
A guitarist - Someone who plays a guitar.
A lead singer - The main singer in the band.
A drummer - The person who plays percussion and the drums.
A programmer - Someone who creates music by mixing different bits or samples of others.
A singer songwriter - Someone who writes and sings their own songs, eg Paul McCartney.

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Sport Lingo

Learn sports lingo! Now if you want to get along in the UK, you better get into sport - and fast, especially football.

It will help you bond with other men and make your social life a lot more fun!

Football Fan Lingo

Do you want to watch some footie? / the match? - Fancy going to watch football?
They really took a hammering. / took a thrashing. - They lost the game badly.
They're playing at home / away - The team is playing the match at their own ground. / at the opposing team's ground.
He lives and breathes the game! / Football's his life! / Football's in his blood! - He's a total football fanatic.

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Health Lingo

Learn health lingo! Everybody talks about their health - along with, itís their ultimate form of communication.

Feeling Good

I feel great! / I'm on top of the world / I feel like a million dollars! - I couldn't feel any better!
He's glowing with health. - He looks very well.
I'm a picture of health. - There's nothing at all wrong with me.

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Relationships Lingo

Learn relationships lingo! Just because you may not be fluent in the language of the street does not mean that you cannot speak the language of love!

Life has to go on my friends...

Relationship Descriptions

a chick, a bimbo - These are informal (and unpleasant) terms for a girl or girlfriend.
a bloke, a guy, a geezer - These are informal terms for boyfriend.
He / She is good looking! - She's pretty ! He is handsome!
She's a real babe! - She's gorgeous!

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